Requested by Li.z

Pics of Teddy Omg

Yo nice list request @lizabeth
  1. Here's my dog Teddy! He's a Cavachon (a King Charles Cavalier & Bichon mix)
  2. This is him when he was really little
  3. This is how small he was the first time we visited him
  4. And the second time
  5. The night we brought him home
  6. This is him sleeping when he was a puppy (idk which end is which)
  7. Sooo tiny!!
  8. He's pretty good at selfies
  9. I dress him up sometimes and he hates me for it
  10. His first haircut lol
    We stopped going to that groomer bc he looked like a mess
  11. Here's teddy pimpin
  12. And here's Polaroid teddy
  13. Lol wet dog teddy
  14. Here we are slow dancing
  15. Omggggg
  16. Did I mention he's also a purse dog
  17. So stoic
  18. We're a power couple
  19. He's pretty gross but I guess he's ok