Now that it's November, they're gonna be playing 24/7. Here's a list to help you understand the plot of a hallmark movie before you even watch it
  1. A woman who is widowed comes back to her home town for Christmas with her 2 kids (Her husband either died from cancer or a firefighting accident or the war)
  2. She stays at her parents house. It is extravagantly decorated (in addition to an omnipresent smell of sugar cookies)
  3. Her parents, over a home-cooked meal, discuss both the upcoming Christmas play to be held at the local town hall AND how the mother's best guy friend from when she was little is in town (and conveniently single)
  4. Both the kids are subsequently signed up for the play (which happens to be in a week and still hasn't cast actors or practiced, definitely legitimate)
  5. The mother goes out to either buy groceries or a Christmas tree and just happens to run into the aforementioned childhood-guy-friend very romantically.
  6. Side note: it is snowing during this entire movie. The pretty snow (not the slushy brown snow)
  7. The single guy friend comes home and helps bring the Christmas tree/groceries to the parents' house and ends up staying for food
  8. They all make plans to see the children in the Christmas play
  9. The single guy friend finds out that his ex-girlfriend is directing the play (with whom he has romantic tension)
  10. The man decides to go for it and help the kids with their play, trying to cut all ties with the play director
  11. The mom walks in to pick her kids up from play practice and she sees her guy "friend" with the play director and thinks that he doesn't like her (when in reality he was trying to cut said ties)
  12. The mom sulks while she stuffs her face full of comfort foods (sugar cookies, gravy straight from the boat, entire 10 pound turkeys, etc.)
  13. The dude realizes what the mom thinks is up and has to figure out what to do
  14. The grandparents and mom go to the Christmas play (and the dude goes separately)
  15. The play takes place and everyone is either dressed up as a snowflake or an elf and it is really heartwarming (even though it was terrible)
  16. Before the play is over, the friend-dude comes on stage and PROPOSES. Like marriage (Calm down bro. I know the movie has to be under an hour but still it's SO sudden)
  17. The mom says yes (what kind of movie would it be if she said no?)
  18. They all spend Christmas together at the parents house and it's happy and SO UNREALISTIC (the movies are for middle aged housewives so they have to be unrealistic duh)