1. I woke up early and drove to the Trenton Train Station
  2. I got on a 9 AM train that got into Penn Station at 10
  3. I met my (cool & gay) uncle in the train station near 31st & 8th at 10:30
  4. We walked to my favorite cafe (Bibble & Sip) on 51st and 8th, I cannot recommend it enough
  5. I got an earl grey cream puff (omg) and a cappuccino
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  6. I learned (through text) that I won two tickets in the Kinky Boots lottery!
  7. We picked the tickets up at the Al Hirshfield Theatre and got really good seats for like $30 each
  8. We went the the Museum of Art and Design
  9. We saw some pretty cool exhibits, including one about really cool furniture and one including a piece called "Swag Swag Krew" (a bunch of mannequins with DOLLAS and BOOZE and BLING)
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  10. We left the museum and went to lunch at Totto Ramen, where the owner must have sold their soul to the devil for the recipe
  11. We walked to the theatre for the 2 o'clock matinee
  12. We watched the show for the next 2 and a half hours, which was amazing beyond words (my first time seeing it, my uncle's seventh)
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  13. We took the L-train to Williamsburg, where we went to his apartment on Kent Ave
  14. I dropped my bags off and we visited the roof, from which you could see all of Manhattan
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  15. We went to the nearby urban outfitters because why not, and I got a HUGE scarf
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  16. We then walked to this cool restaurant called "Sweet Chick"
  17. I got Generals (fried) chicken with broccoli waffles (which was super unique and super good)
  18. We went back to his apartment and watched the last third of Sixteen candles followed by the first third of the Breakfast Club
  19. I revealed my secret ability to make paper cranes out of any size piece of paper, and made a bunch of cranes
  20. I went to bed because I was tired (duh)
  21. I woke up the next morning (duh)
  22. We walked to this nearby deli where I wanted to get a bagel with lox, but they were out of cream cheese and lox
  23. We walked to another nearby deli where I wanted to get a bagel with lox, but they were out of lox (but I got a bagel anyway) and I got a coffee
  24. We ate our breakfast while watching the parade on TV
  25. We left to drive back to my house, about 1.5 hours (without traffic)
  26. We planned to take the Verizzano bridge, but the lanes were blocked by an accident
  27. We took the Brooklyn bridge (stupidly) which led us into Manhattan
  28. It was GRIDLOCKED, and we were in traffic for about an hour
  29. We finally got out of the city and drove down to my house (outside of Philadelphia)
  30. We stopped by the local grocery store to pick up some "fun mixed nuts", as asked for by my mom (poor adjective choice, fun is subjective)
  31. We got to my house and had a good thanksgiving