1. Care-a-Lot
    The very first time I rode on an airplane, I remember telling my mom I could see the Care Bears outside my window. I wanted to so badly that I almost thought I really could.
  2. Stoneybrook, CT
    Home of the Baby-Sitters Club
  3. Avonlea, Prince Edward Island
  4. Lakeport
    Home of the Bobbsey Twins, a brief but intense obsession of mine. I remember trying to find both Lakeport and Stoneybrook in an atlas and getting frustrated. I thought Lakeport was in Illinois but apparently no state was ever actually named.
  5. Area 51
    Okay, this one is probably actually real.
  6. Capeside, MA
    So I was a teenager and obviously didn't really think Capeside existed, but I do hold Dawson's Creek responsible for my ongoing daydream of "maybe I'll just move to Cape Cod and live there year round and teach improv while my husband owns a sailboat and we avoid the stresses of city living". Sadly it was actually shot in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a state I am terrified to live in.