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The corrupt but loved former mayor of Providence died today. He was the longest serving mayor in the city's history.
  1. He used to live on power street, a few houses away from @boygirlparty THE MAYOR LIVED ON POWER STREET!
  2. He went to Moses Brown school
  3. He was convicted of kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon, extortion, and other crimes against his wife's lover. He put a cigar out on the guy's face and tortured him for hours. He had to resign but was re-elected when his sentence expired!
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  1. Mexican Candy Safe
    i have been told not to eat candy from Mexico due to lead poisoning. This is confirmed by the FDA and CDC. Lead in the ink on wrappers as well as in manufacturing of some candy from Mexico.
  2. Wiki GMT
    Just like how the USA controls the Internet because it was invented here, apparently England controls time because they standardized time in the 1600's
  3. Who lived in England prior to the Anglo Saxons
    I knew people built Stonehenge but they were before the Romans and Anglo Saxons . Apparently they were the Britons who came across a land bridge from Europe
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  1. Year of The Cat
    You're so sweet it tickles
  2. Rudderless
    Hope in my past
  3. Allison's starting to happen
    Allison's getting her tit pierced
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  1. Bars that are set up like McDonalds (you have to wait in line)
  2. Drones (no explanation needed)
  3. Laptops in a band (are they even playing the music? If you can't keep time you have no business being on stage)
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  1. Beastie Boys - Licensed to Ill with the plane.
  2. Scooby Doo - pass scooby the doobie ( I was in high school)
  3. Nowhere Else But East Providence
  4. Coed Naked Lacrosse
  1. J Mascis at The Casbah
  2. Dino Jr. At The Casbah ( with Cycy)
  3. The Breeders at The Casbah
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  1. Nobody runs at the bottom of the ocean holding rocks
    I searched for this because I wanted to see if anyone has blogged or written about how this isn't a thing. I've seen too many photos of people doing this and I've read about how people do this. But, regular people don't do this.
  2. Black Annie
    I like that snl skit
  3. The cat and the canary
    I wanted to see how the movie ended without actually watching it.
  4. I can only see the last 3 searches for some reason