1. Mexican Candy Safe
    i have been told not to eat candy from Mexico due to lead poisoning. This is confirmed by the FDA and CDC. Lead in the ink on wrappers as well as in manufacturing of some candy from Mexico.
  2. Wiki GMT
    Just like how the USA controls the Internet because it was invented here, apparently England controls time because they standardized time in the 1600's
  3. Who lived in England prior to the Anglo Saxons
    I knew people built Stonehenge but they were before the Romans and Anglo Saxons . Apparently they were the Britons who came across a land bridge from Europe
  4. Ehx space drum
    I was interested to see a demo of this drum machine from ehx. Some cool sounds but kind of useless for me.
  5. Who said it
    I looked this up because I read about some funny quizzes that ask you if Donald trump said something or Hitler. Another one asked trump or mr burns. I scored 70% on both
  6. Who Ssid it
    I spelled who said it wrong