My secret family recipe, as featured in Almost Cooking magazine
  1. 1 cup almonds
  2. 1/2 cup M&Ms
  3. A handful of raisins
  4. Pretzels, sure. Knock yourself out.
  5. Maybe peanuts? Take a chance, those allergies aren't THAT common
  6. Those little ritz cracker sandwiches
  7. Are Brazil nuts still a thing?
  8. Cubed cheese, the stuff leftover from your "fancy" party. When else are you going to eat them?
  9. 1 pack ramen noodles, crushed up
  10. You know what, add more M&Ms
  11. A spoonful of whey protein powder
  12. Haha, wow, these Craisins are from 2004. I guess add them!
  13. Rite-Aid brand gummy vitamins
  14. Dry sticks of gum from trading card packages
  15. Popcorn, movie theater butter style
  16. Cubes of sugar
  17. Beef jerky
  18. Combos (pizza flavor)
  19. A few nickels
  20. More fucking M&Ms, you coward
  21. The torn up pieces of a map to buried treasure
  22. A pinch of saffron, for class