Guy Fieri Go to Expressions

Every Diners Drive Ins and Dives fan has heard Old Man Fieri say this stuff a million times.
  1. "You could put that on a flip flop"
    In reference to a sauce that tastes good.
  2. "Building the roux?"
    Guy loves to point out that someone is making a roux.
  3. "That's the_____ of flavor town"
    Guy always references the fictional "flavor town" and assigns certain foods to different objects found in a city. "That's the man hole cover in flavor town", referring to a particularly tasty pancake.
  4. "That's bananas...and bananas is good"
  5. "I'm gonna need you to load that up in the '67"
    When Guy really likes a food item he says he's going to fill the trunk of his car with it.
  6. "Out of bounds"
    Translation: this food is good
  7. "That_____is money"
    Guy thinks he invented using money as an adjective. If someone else uses it he always says "that's my line".
  8. "Wor-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh"
    Anytime someone says "worcestershire", Guy is sure to make this noise.
  9. "Darling"
    Whenever someone is naming the ingredients they're adding to something and they say "honey", Guy calls them "darling" and then smiles at the camera.