Bits of wisdom through the years
  1. Invest in a house cleaner
    Doesn't matter if you have kids or are single. This is a worthy way to spend your money.
  2. 100% cotton sheets only
    They retain the crisp/cool quality better than any other material. Also, only buy at TJ Maxx. You'd be a fool to get them anywhere else.
  3. Don't bother with La Mer face cream
    Ok fine I won't. But I still want to try it.
  4. When coming home from college/out of town/etc TELL NO ONE BUT YOUR FAMILY
    Exceptions: friends who you know won't pressure you into doing a million things with them while you're home. Or anything at all for that matter. This way, your time is yours and yours alone.
  5. Don't take any shit and don't be a chump
    This advice has been passed down through generations in her family and I'm glad I could be on the receiving end of it.
  6. If you can't cook, make soup
    It's easy, requires little skill, and you can throw in tons of veggies so you seem really healthy. Sure to impress.