1. Spring
    The anticipation of summer brings me so much happiness! Plus, my skin is getting back to normal, flowers are blooming and you can smell the change in the air.
  2. Summer
    A pretty great season for obvious reasons. Never quite lives up to the hype, but that's partially my fault.
  3. Winter
    Booooo. So cold. So dark. So depressing. Winter is a time to bust out the happy light, vitamin D and Celexa.
  4. Fall
    By far the worst! It's the anticipation of winter that kills me. And people go nuts over pumpkin, but it's not like pumpkin is that great. Plus, did you know you can buy pumpkin year round? Also-I have a hunch that I hate fall because I have left over back to school feelings about it. Nope-nothing good about fall.