Ein bißchen
  1. "Öd und leer das Meer"
    This feels like the words my bones have been waiting for.
  2. The lack of difference between if and when.
    Gives me hope.
  3. Die Parks
    Yeah, the parks. Mit win bier und some raspberries in the grass. The parks feel open.
  4. The sunlight in a German afternoon
    It is different. With the soft sidewalks and balmy air.
  5. Run Lola Run
    Tom Tykwer .... And Franka. They kill it. I love this film. ♥️ manni too.
  6. die Streicheleinheit
    A kind of tender love.
  7. Sommerfrische
    The enjoyment of summer days.
  8. Running around
  9. Gemütlichkeit
    translates almost to coziness