Memes that make me laugh

Over the years I have compiled a library so to speak of memes that have made me giggle for indefinite periods of time/spit out a drink or two. There are many, many, many more saved on my phone with formatting that didn't quite work out for this list. Here are a few of the ones that did...
  1. Best caption ever
  2. I actually spit out my drink for this one
  3. For real though?
  4. Most people know I have a secret ingredient I use in my Mac N Cheese. I still get texts and calls every now and then from my college friends asking for it. But let me tell you... That dumb box won't open for anything unless you get a knife out.
  5. Hahahaha
  6. Makes me giggle
  7. I'm gonna need his arm too Rocket
  8. Does anyone else hear Chris Hemsworth's voice when they read this?
  9. Buzz buzz
  10. I think they both got into more than one little fight... Ha!
  11. I'm 5 years old. Clearly.