Why you need to drop everything and go watch Olympic table tennis RIGHT NOW

  1. Their serves
  2. The golf hand claps from the spectators
  3. Their serves
  4. The all around crazy speed of the ball
  5. Their serves
  6. The control that comes before they make a huge play
  7. Their serve
  8. The pure determination aka silliness on the faces of the athletes faces when the playback footage is being played
  9. Their serve
  10. Wondering how you train and work out for this besides the stating the obvious of practice making perfect.
  11. The pure focus on their faces right before THEIR SERVES
  12. Wanting their sweet lips to blow over your skin the way they do over the ball...
  13. Did I mention their serve?
  14. Can you say slowmo?!
  15. Their serve
  16. The passion of the sport
  17. Man that serve y'all
  18. Watching them swing the shit out of their arm and expecting the ball to go flying sporadically into the crowd but it just goes thunk on the other side of the table
  19. Oh yeahhh their serve
  20. All the "that's what she said" jokes that can be added at the end of everything the commentators say
  21. Their serve
  22. The sweet Swed sweat on the Olympians foreheads
  23. SERVES
  24. Secretly hoping that the players arms stretch just enough to hit the other in the face but it never quite happens
  25. That word that starts with a S and ends with an erves
  26. The facial expressions on their coaches and other people sitting on the side
  27. Their serves
  28. Okay now back to your regularly scheduled gymnastics or swimming. USA USA USA