This is a list I've been crafting in my head for some time. Some of these are more obtainable than others.
  1. I am financially secure enough that I can buy as many books as I want at full price at my independent bookstore of choice whenever I want.
    Sorry not sorry, Amazon. Sorry actually sorry to the publishing industry and authors and artists for not doing this now. (This is the top of the list because my books wish list is a mile long and even with a college budget I usually can't stop myself from indulging.)
  2. I own a brownstone on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.
    How else will I properly raise my five future children in the city while also giving off the vibe that I am from old money (when I am clearly nouveau riche)?
  3. I actually buy Apple Care with my Apple products.
    Because as a college student it is hard to convince yourself to spend the extra money, even though you know it'll bite you in the ass when you don't.
  4. I pay for my own online subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, etc.).
    Eventually I'll have to stop being bombarded by commercials and mooching off my parents (thx mom and dad).
  5. I have multiple Birkin bags.
    I'm sorry, but we are living in a material world and I am a material girl.
  6. I have upgraded from Starter TV to Standard TV.
    A. Why is there so little worth watching on basic cable during the day? And B. I miss HGTV :(
  7. If I still live in a walk-up, I at least pay movers to carry my furniture up/down all the stairs.
    I know this job is one of the fun perks that comes with being a dad, but I think my dad is about ready to cut the cord.
  8. I am happy and able to do whatever I want.
    This is really the most important one. Well, also the first one about the books. And the brownstone would be nice.