Jokes That Aren't Funny But Need To Be Made

  1. "...then you rebound it and you shoot it here"
    After missing a shot in H-O-R-S-E
  2. "I'm so hungry"
    When a fasts starts (religious + anorexic people only)
  3. "I'm wasted"
    After your first drink
  4. Long time no see
    When in reality you've seen this person pretty recently
  5. "Let's watch a movie"
    When you're about to go to a club but then try and actually convince people to watch a movie because you know you're not gonna have fun at the club because you're very weird at those things unless you're drunk and then that just makes you weird in a different way which leads to you going home alone so you pretty much just tug off then get in bed and wake up hungover
  6. "SLOW NEWS DAY" *tug at your collar*
    When someone says something that they might perceive as news but in reality isn't that interesting or important