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I'm single, cut me some slack.
  1. Her first day at the house.
  2. Protecting me from buoys.
  3. Scamming bacon from me. And, first camping trip.
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Flu, cold, or cramps, some movies just bring me comfort.
  1. For Love Of The Game
    I don't like baseball, but I like romantic comedies and talking about sports injuries. Plus, Kevin Costner could get it in this 👌🏼
  2. Beauty and the Beast
    What's better than a stuffy-nosed sing-a-long? This has been my favourite Disney movie since I first saw it as a child. I think I like how grumpy he is at first, and how Belle gets to shoot down Gaston.
  3. The Time Traveller's Wife
    Movies where people are in love, but can't be together, will always leave me sobbing. This is one of them. Sometimes need a good cry when I don't feel well.
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