Rural Nebraska style
  1. Junior prom, 1991
    Note that the background is garbage bags with the outlines of buildings made from sparkly streamers. Poorly made, I might add. The theme was "A Night in Paris." Having subsequently been to Paris, I can confidently state it was not very authentic. No, mullets were not ok even then. Yes, I am wearing gloves -- I bit my nails and thought my hands were not "prom ready." And a long sleeved dress because I had horrible acne on my back and shoulders.
  2. Senior prom, 1992
    His school. There are still trash bags, but they also splurged for a fancy gate. The theme, I believe, was "Heaven" or "Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven" or something along those lines. I actually still love this dress. The back acne had cleared up, and I either didn't care about my nails or was temporarily not biting them at that time. I did, however, have matching earrings and shoe clips.
  3. And senior prom again
    My school, with my squad, and my big hair. And the trash bag background again. I can't remember the theme. I got my hair done before my prom (obviously) and my bff's sister-in-law did our makeup.