Subtitle: Look at me, trying new things! 😀
  1. Last Friday: my first time skiing
    Coincidentally, my first time ever being asked to leave a class so I could "go have a drink and rest and try again when you're ready." But, I did come down the hill several times without falling prior to that moment.
  2. Saturday: my first "self love" Kundalini yoga workshop
    Also maybe my last?
  3. Sunday: my first drink of absinthe
    In a mixed drink, but I'm counting it anyway.
  4. Thursday: first time I purposely missed a flight (like second time I've missed a flight ever - the other time was a missed connection due to delay)
    Just couldn't do it.
  5. Also Thursday: first positive interaction I've had with the police/first interaction with police where I wasn't totally freaked out, or cross examining them
    This happened after the first office break-in I've dealt with. Also, not counting that I sheepishly confessed to the fingerprint tech that I had touched the doorknob, because that was a pretty minor freak out. AND, this first was only made possible by the aforementioned missed flight.
  6. Today: first time I've completed Week One of a "Couch to 5K" program.
    I'm actually really fucking proud of this one.