Note: I am a lawyer
  1. Ibuprofen. Obviously.
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  2. 5 pairs of scissors
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    I need scissors like once every two months. Evidently I get a new pair each time.
  3. A letter to Santa
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    Which my daughter wrote last year
  4. Some random ribbon
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  5. A whole bag of these tiny hair clips
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    I can't remember ever having worn these.
  6. Antibacterial cream, marked "DOG"
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    My dog, who comes to work with me, once got a sore on his penis from repetitive licking, and I had to apply this cream several times a day.
  7. A tiny square of carpet, framed
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    My previous dog, Daphne, peed on the carpet at the office. A lot. After she died and we replaced the carpet, the person who installed the new floor cut out a piece of the stained carpet and framed it as a memento. Or to use for cloning in the future. Aside from the peeing, she was a good dog.