I have been on one (more than baseline) about the patriarchy for the past three weeks or so.
  1. My daughter asks why all the Disney princesses end up married.
    The patriarchy.
  2. My son has a conversation at school about unrealistic standards of beauty, and how they make people feel bad about themselves.
    Hooray for his awesome teacher, and also: patriarchy.
  3. That idiot Return of Kings group and their idiotic meet ups.
    But the beautiful irony that they felt too unsafe to actually hold them.
  4. The CDC, implying that women have no control over their sexual urges/reproductive organs/pregnancies, and thus dare not risk using alcohol (do you know what's going on in your uterus right now?!?), but that they DO have control over whether they become victims of injury or violence while drinking, and thus, again, daren't use alcohol.
    Men, evidently, are not responsible for pregnancies, STIs, injuries/violence toward women whether drunk or sober. So drink right up, boys! 🖕🏻, patriarchy. (Also: "daren't" 😊😊😊)
  5. Strip clubs, pornography, underage sex trade, hell, half of mainstream entertainment, where women are reduced to their bodies for the enjoyment of men.
    Pat. Ri. Archy.
  6. The Super Bowl, (the NFL!) and all its macho nonsense, where women at best exist to wear skimpy clothes and cheer for their men, and at worst exist as punching bags.
    But it's fun to watch, so nobody gives a fuck.
  7. But.
  8. I just watched a production of Hamlet at my kids' school where Hamlet was played by a woman, and Ophelia by a man.
  9. And my daughter told me last night that she would smash the patriarchy with her otter magnet.
    Whatever it takes.