1. Attended K through 8th grade in a one room school house. One teacher for all grades.
    Like Little House on the Prairie.
  2. Rode horses and drove cattle. Once or twice a year. Hated it.
    Grew up on a ranch. Also rode tractors. Once burned the hell out of my hand when I grabbed the exhaust on the tractor. Did not have a knack for farm machinery or "workin' cattle."
  3. Spent a summer flying in a tiny little plane, taking aerial photos of every square mile of land in 8 counties for the department of agriculture.
    It was the pilot, me, and another photographer. We traded off. I got to "fly" the plane once. This was the first time I was in an airplane.
  4. Climbed Mt. Rushmore. Sat on George Washington's head.
    This is not usually allowed. I had a friend who worked as a park ranger, and she arranged for us to be guided up there. It was awesome.
  5. Appeared in a Best Buy commercial where they interviewed people on the street. I was an actual person on the street.
    However, I did pretend like I didn't know what Best Buy was, so it was technically acting.
  6. Got the webbing of my left hand, between my thumb and forefinger, pierced. Because I had never seen that before.
    The piercer told me it would grow out in 6 months. That's not what happened, but it did get weird and calloused and I had to take it out. It lasted more like 9 or 10 months, though. It looked like an industrial accident. In other words, it was very cool.
  7. That's it. Everything else is 100% believable.