It was a good enough production, but this is a strange, strange play.
  1. They have a dog for a nurse?
    I know this show is about fairies and pirates, but this is just too much. This requires a level of suspension of disbelief that I cannot achieve.
  2. Why is it taking so long for Peter Pan to get here?
    This is a lot of unnecessary blah blah in the children's room.
  3. It's always super-disturbing when parents call each other "mother" and "father."
    This play is chock full of parent issues.
  4. Gah! Finally, Peter.
  5. It's just so weird for a grown woman to play a boy.
  6. Wow. The flying is pretty cool. Peter is just zipping back and forth.
    Seems like it would take a lot of composure to sing under such circumstances.
  7. I guess it's always a risk to use child actors.
  8. Huh. They did a decent job of making the "warriors" as inoffensive as possible.
    They're not very well-armed, though.
  9. Captain Hook and these pirates are pretty enjoyable.
  10. Tinker bell really almost dies?
    I thought that was just something made up in that monologue from that Durang play.
  11. Man, I love Christopher Durang. I shoulda seen one of his plays instead.
    I'm gonna google that monologue. "Durang Tinkerbell monologue..."
  12. Hahaha. Man, this monologue is so twisted and funny. "It wasn't enough! Tinkerbell's dead!!"
    From "'Dentity Crisis"
  13. I hope the second act isn't as long as the first.
  14. Oh, we're on a boat now. Okay.
  15. Ah, it's over. Wait, no. Now we're going into the future.
  16. Putting glasses on Wendy does not really make her look older.
  17. I did like that giant crocodile, though.
  18. Sure would love to see this show Dirang style.
    I wonder how scarring it is to read that monologue to the kids?