When I was a little girl, I was completely enchanted with Geraldine Ferraro. When I was a little older, I dreamed of being President. Tonight is a big deal.
  1. When I voted, not just for Hillary Clinton, but for a woman for Senator, Congressperson, judge, and county committee. Aside from my county supervisor, who was running unopposed and whom I actually like, I voted an all female ticket.
  2. During the entirety of Hillary's video.
  3. When Hillary talked about the literal glass ceiling.
  4. When my daughter said "you're so happy!" and my son patted my arm, and I told them what a big deal this is.
  5. When Hillary talked about all the people who came before her and made this possible.
  6. Looking at my daughter as she watched Hillary, and as she watched me watch Hillary.
  7. When Hillary talked about her mother.
  8. When Hillary hugged Chelsea.
  9. Basically, from the time the video started until Hillary left the stage.