There's a lot of boohooing up in here. Just finished reading the series with my daughter.
  1. When Dudley says "you saved my life" to Harry. One of the things I always wish for is redemption for the Dursleys. This is a teeny bit for Dudley. 😢
  2. When Hedwig dies.
    Why? 😢😢
  3. When Hermione talks about altering her parents' memories, and how when it's all over she'll go find them, but if she doesn't come back they'll be ok, because they don't even know they have a daughter.
    This is just fucking heartbreaking. 😢😢😢😢😢
  4. When the Weasleys give Harry a watch for his seventeenth birthday and he hugs Mrs. Weasley, and tries to put a lot of unsaid things into the hug, and thinks she understood, because she patted his cheek clumsily.
    This makes me cry just thinking about it right now. They truly love Harry like a son, and it's so unusual for him to have that kind of love that he can't even begin to express it. 😢💚
  5. When Ron leaves, and everything feels so helpless and hopeless.
    And Harry and Hermione have to deal with the fact that he won't be able to find them again, but they can't really support each other because they're in such an awful situation. 😢😢😢
  6. When Harry visits his parents grave and his home for the first time.
    Hermione holds his hand while he stands in the snow and cries, thinking how they don't know their living son is standing right there on top of them. 😢😢😢😢😢
  7. When Ron comes back.
    We knew you couldn't stay away.
  8. Fred. Right after he and Percy made an amends. It's just so horribly unfair.
  9. When Harry is walking into the woods to die, and his mom is looking at him like she could never get enough looking at him. 😭😭😭😭
  10. When Harry says to Albus "One of them was a Slytherin, and he was the bravest man I ever met." 😢😢😢😢
    I have cried every single time I read this line.
  11. And then for the rest of the book. "He'll be fine." And of course, when his scar hadn't bothered him for 19 years. "All was well." 😥😥😥😥
  12. Something that's always bothered me though: wouldn't Ginny have maybe wanted to name one of their sons for Fred? Harry gets a James and a Lily and an Albus and a Severus, but no Fred? RIP, Fred Weasley.