Old school Nintendo — we got one when it just came with Super Mario Bros., before they gave you Duck Hunt. We were not at the start of the NES revolution; my brother asked for an Atari, and my parents couldn't find one, so he got a Nintendo instead.
  1. I'm just trying to get through worlds.
    Said during Mario Brothers, I - III. When we didn't care about points, getting extra lives, punching patterns in the bricks, etc., but just wanted to get to the end and save the princess. In contrast to a game when you really wanted to get all the points and go exploring.
  2. Big Man guards the house.
    While playing Ghosts and Goblins, a really stupid game. There was a character named Big Man who did, in fact, guard a giant house. There were actually several big men; we could rarely get past them, and when we did, we immediately lost in the next level, killed by the Blue Devil. That game was HARD.
  3. I'm gonna beat Puma.
    During Pro Wrestling, or "pro-ey" as we called it. Beating the Great Puma was how you won. The night I sat down, said "I'm gonna beat Puma" and 2.5 hours later did just that is still legendary.* *only legendary to my brother and me
  4. Are we playing regular pitch, or meats?
    During Major League Baseball. "Meats" were nice meaty pitches right across the plate. We sometimes did that so that the game turned into a slugfest. There was some penalty for not actually pitching a meat during a meat game, but I can't remember what it was. NOTE: this sounds dirty, but was not.