Disney just announced a live action version of Mulan is headed to theaters. Here's my dream cast!
  1. Shaleine Woodley as Mulan
  2. Joe Manganiello as Captain Li Shang
  3. Christoph Waltz as Shan Yu
  4. Harvey Firestein as Yao
    Reprising his role from the 1998 animated original
  5. Andy Serkis as Mushu
    When it comes to mo-cap he's the best in the biz
  6. Steve Buscemi as Ling
  7. Paul Giamatti as Chien-Po
  8. Michael Douglas as Chi-Fu
  9. Patricia Arquette as Fa Zhou
  10. Meryl Streep as Grandmother Fa
  11. Victor Garber as The Emperor of China
  12. Christopher Plummer as First Ancestor
  13. Bernadette Peters as The Matchmaker
  14. Anna Kendrick as Fa Li
  15. Matt Walsh as General Li