I met Hanson today, here is what I learned
  1. They still look very young
  2. They possess an unflappable youthful spirit
  3. They still live in Tulsa, OK
  4. Taylor's primary accessory is his vintage camera on a leather strap
  5. The youngest one, Zac, is 30 now
  6. They're flying to Europe tonight
  7. They have nice voices!
  8. Their eyes have never seen pain
  9. The eldest one, Isaac, has a strikingly deep and mature voice
  10. Though they've cut their hair, it still packs a major punch
  11. They use curse words!
  12. They brew their own beer
  13. I have no doubt they are incredible uncles to each other's children
  14. No (visible) piercings
  15. Not a single mention of MMMBop
  16. Taylor's celebrity crush is Helen Mirren
  17. Taylor is the bands spokesman
  18. Their manager might be Australian?