1. Short service
  2. Chill rabbi
  3. Beautiful and moving speech
  4. Tight cantor
  5. Bomb kidush
  6. Fresh challah
  7. Bus to party
  8. Handsome signing board with enough sharpies for everyone and ample space
  9. An army of apps
  10. Casino night
  11. Wax hands
  12. The NYC candy man
  13. A trivia guy
  14. A really good magician who walks around
  15. Couple of mind readers
  16. Rabbi makes an appearance at the party
    One of Judaism's highest honors
  17. Diverse motivational dancers and a live band
    Rare mix
  18. An incredible candle lighting ceremony with dope poems and on point rhymes with amazing complementary song choices
  19. Tear jerking montage
  20. An all time horah
  21. Camp friends
  22. Candy bar
  23. Chocolate fountain
  24. A celebrity
  25. Three of my best friends toast me
  26. My dad cries
  27. My mom cries
  28. Sick giveaways
  29. Thanks for coming to my bar mitzvah everyone!