Last Friday I was issued an eviction notice. It has been a learning experience
  1. New York has sheriffs
  2. The sheriffs handle the evictions
  3. I don't have a GREAT relationship with my roommates
  4. Serbian roommates do not fully grasp the severity of the issue
    Not a comment on Serbia
  5. My dad is a great lawyer!
  6. My landlords have websites dedicated to their infamy
  7. The Santander mobile banking app is pretty advanced
  8. I forgot how old I was
    When I was served
  9. It feels great to have a home
  10. You can get an eviction revoked
    I did
  11. Just because your mom is friends with the owner of the building does not make you immune to their notorious practices
  12. I am a good guy
  13. The Sheriff and The Marshall are colleagues
  14. Edicts are still issued
  15. Even though I didn't know it at the time- for a hot sec there I was on the lam