1. Brunch
    The quintessential mark of a successful Easter, this most important of events can make or break Springtime. Sweet or savory, vintage or , one thing is certain. Reservations must be made! And this is not the time to skimp on wowing the masses.
  2. Bow Ties
    Much of the focus on Easter surrounds food and drink. But to even garner an invite to Brunch, one must look the part. And what better way to sew up an outfit than with a neatly wrapped now? Bold prints, bright colors, the occasional metallic; could a fashion maestro ask for more?!
  3. Bouquets
    Whether one goes for traditional lilies or contemporary hydrangeas or exotic orchids, a wicked floral arrangement is a must to transforming any dwelling into a proverbial Garden of Eden.
  4. Bottomless Anything
    Bring on the Bloody Mary's, the Black Velvets, the Beermosa's. Easter Brunch isn't just about the food; endless libations are the real tipping point between plain, boring breakfast and one of the most ingenious human inventions.
  5. Besties
    What's a killer outfit, gorgeous florals, exquisite food, and to-die-for drink without people to share it with? Easter would be nothing without best friends (and the drama they bring)! Even halfway across the country or around the globe, the people that get you bring the best of the party to life. So raise a champagne flute (or bottle) to the flagship holiday of the Spring season...and those who make it worth the wait of Winter.