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  1. How to Do Everything You've needed to do All Day in One Hour at the End of the Day When Everyone Else Thinks It's Too Late
  2. Bitchy Resting Face for Dummies
  3. How to Borrow Clothes and Make Them Your Own - Convincing the Owner They've always Been Yours
  1. Keziah
  2. Everyone at urban cookhouse
  3. Every car
  1. "Well it's that and that the current footprint is worked into the setbacks....."
  2. "Trey will be by to pick up these drawings today"
  3. "Hay Sco-itt, what is the finish for the lights for Katie Howells screened in porch- does she want goose neck brush nickel?"
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  1. Becca
  2. Alex Lazzari