anything not on this list I should delete. hahaha, that's not going to happen
  1. Facebook
    Goes without saying
  2. Instagram
    Goes without saying
  3. Pinterest
    Goes without saying. Organizing everything online that you like and want to eventually do? Omg.
  4. Twitter
    Doesn't go without saying, I used to think Twitter was for jerks, then realized it is amazing. I still don't post much on it though, because I don't know I just feel the impact isn't there because I don't have many followers and my friends are on Facebook. A friend got Twitter so we can post hilarious things and follow each other though, so, yeah. Mainly twitter for in the moment news & following celebs and causes = gem.
  5. LinkedIn
    I don't really use it, it's pretentious, I guess it's a good way to connect professionally if that's what you need to do. Mostly it feels like brag town though, wait that is every form of social media
  6. VSCO
    Now we are into the good stuff. Best way to edit my pics. Also a few other little apps that do collages and what not, but it's all about VSCO. Best filters ever.
  7. Tumblr
    This one is new for me. It's all about The Mindy Project. These Tumblr people get me. Like whoa.
  8. GoodReads
    I should use this more. Wait I should not do anything that makes me look at my phone more. But this is a lovely little app
  9. Pokémon Go
    Suck it
  10. Neko Atsume
    I know.
  11. Bakery World
    I don't deserve to be here.
  12. StumbleUpon
    Learns what you like by your patterns but in an actual awesome way, not a show you what you want for advertising or creeping on acquaintences kind of way
  13. Snapchat
    I honestly don't even use this. It's just there. My siblings sometimes send me hilarious snaps and that's about it. I always screenshot them then delete them later.
  14. Skymap
    Androids only bitches, I will miss this when I move to iPhone. (Literally it's a battle of skymap vs good phone cases). Shows the cosmos in every direction you point your phone, connects constellations if you want, etc everything awesome. Really cool if you actually do it in front of the night sky.
  15. Dropbox
    After a couple of computers crashing, how I ever lived without this is sad to me. Now I can access everything on any device and I'm always backed up. Infomercial. I. Love. Dropbox.
  16. Keeper
    Password vault, necessary AF
  17. Facebook Messenger
    Did you know you can now phone people thru fb Messenger? Holy moly
  18. Cruelty-Free
    You can check if an item is tested on animals before you buy it. Way too easy to find alternatives. Everyone should use this if you aren't a dick.
  19. RD client
    Remote in to work from phone. Kind of wish it didn't exist.
  20. Cam Scanner
    Never need a scanner again. To think I used to think smart phones were full of junk I didn't need.
  21. Goto Webinar
  22. Accio
    If you live in Victoria BC they will get you anything you need and deliver it to your door. What. Also called accio so.. whoever created this I want to be best friends with.
  23. Hostelworld & Airbnb
  24. Netflix
    This app is everything. I don't even care who reads these (no one). I. Love. Lists.