Those dishes that are so good, when you go to that restaurant you always order them, never venturing into the rest of the menu. I don't care what's on special. I knew what I was having since before I walked in the door.
  1. Buddha Bowl at The Bees Knees
    I swear, like how can I even describe. So healthy and flavourful. Like wow.
  2. Smoked tuna BLT at Ferris' Oyster Bar
    Hold the bacon, omg
  3. Maracas Bay Mahi at Reef
    I don't even care that Reef is a chain, this is so damn good. And Johnny Cakes. Always Johnny Cakes.
  4. Warm Spinach & Goat Cheese Salad at Ferris'.
    Yeah I just like Ferris'. But really I know spinach and goat cheese salads were everywhere a few years ago but this one is the best.
  5. Forest Mushroom & Brie Tart at The Nest
    Also have the Cherubs Cup. The Nest's cocktails = 👌👌👌
  6. Vanilla Beam Cashew Mylkshake at Bliss.
    I can't even. It comes in a mason jar that you get to keep. And it's vegan and delicious.
  7. Dynamite Roll at Earl's.
    The old recipe (I'm talking 1990s). When they changed the menu they changed this dish and now it sucks. Not real sushi, but this dish was orgasmic. A few years ago my sister found this in its original form at Brown's Social House as long as you hold the chipotle mayo, like whoa. I think she is the only other person in the universe who understands.
  8. Cold Brew from Discovery Coffee
    Not a dish, I don't care, so good, tastes like chocolate milk, comes in a medicine bottle.
  9. There are more but I'm kind of over this.
    I will add to it from time to time. Tell me what you like.