Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

it's dumb that we have to crop these. they aren't quite screenshots anymore
  1. From an article about people pleasing to send to my people pleasing friend who is exactly this person.
  2. Wanting the turban band (for an album in my phone literally titled "want" full of screenshots).
  3. I have no freaking clue haha
  4. Just figured out the last one with this first part for context
    Glad I went to this at all or even remembered it after screenshotting it.... this whole album is kind of depressing like pinterest
  5. Inspo, basically
  6. Girlfriending.
    I have like 18 different screenshots of 18 different ways to tie ties..which is the reg one? I don't know. My boyfriend sucks at ties and I would like to be the kind of girlfriend who can tie his tie while he is wearing it, all Mother Darling like. #pipedreams