this is actually from last week, but it was a good day and I remember thinking "I should write this day down" but haven't yet, and viola list app.
  1. I woke up in Victoria, my old town, for a 4 day solo vaca.
  2. I went for a 3 hour breakfast with my fav old coworkers.
    I miss you.
  3. I went down to market square and lojo for a delish walk
  4. While on LoJo I bought some goodies at Rook & Rose. I had a catch up with Erica & Ellie.
  5. I bought a waffle at wannawafel
    Whatever. Forget I said I just had a 3h breakfast
  6. I got coffee @ Discovery and while there had a long convo with the baristas about Pottermore & the implications of being sorted Hufflepuff.
    I forgot I was supposed to binge on Pottermore after this. To do
  7. I took my coffee to Dallas Road for the best solo walk & lounge in the sun.
    Whilst sitting my best friend sent me a flurry of fb messages about her hilarious antics and I laughed out loud by myself like a crazy person for passerbies to enjoy. Love you Jess, I can't help it, it's so funny. Will not share details.
  8. I went back to my abode and ran into my gorgeous cousin Thea who just came back from Africa and had the loveliest chance catch up ever.
  9. I met a friend downtown for 2 public gatherings about Tent City from the perspectives of the residents and activists.
    Social justice for the win.
  10. I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's back at my abode.
    Yes. Kind of weird after a major social justice hangout though. Lots of sexism and racism in that one there.
  11. Oops this was supposed to be 3 things
    My day was that good