because health.
  1. Milk thistle
    For liver health which means your skin will be nicer. Because when your liver isn't filtering right, the toxins come out through your skin.
  2. Evening primrose oil
    ...for skin. I care about my skin OK. Glowing AF.
  3. Probiotic
    Cause otherwise things get a bit unhappy in there.
  4. Multivitamin
    Cherry on top
  5. Fish oil
    My chiropractor made me. For inflammation? I don't even know.
  6. Glucosamine
    Joints are aching son
  7. Vitamin D
    Because its one of those that if you take nothing else you should take this. Okay I said, I will add it I said. My daily old woman vitamin popper is getting too full. Might need to buy a bigger size, for those with poor eyesight, except just to hold all my vitamins right.
  8. Splurged and got the bigger vitamin popper sonnnnn
    So worth it, no cramming anymore, and I'm currently doing Wild Rose so the quantity is getting out of control