Don't do fb anymore but I haven't deleted it for birthday-checking reasons, thus these are actually pretty old
  1. Taking it back to 2007 when I graduated from college and thought I needed an "adult haircut"
  2. Hair gets less "professional" as I embrace my summer job and realize post-college life kinda sucks a little
  3. Discovery of Photobooth...
  4. More Photobooth play
  5. Everyone loves how fat and happy I am in this pic. It was my profile pic for years
  6. More childhood chubby me - this time seasonal
  7. When there was a thing to make your profile pic the celebrity you most resemble. One of my college professors was always telling me I looked like this badass fiery bitch from High Noon named Katy Jurado.
  8. Then of course there was one to make it the cartoon character you most resemble. No brainer
  9. I went to state fair with my mom & she claimed everyone looks disgusting eating corn on the cob - really? Everyone???
  10. I did a color run so obvi I wanted to show that off, plus I love how WHITE my teeth are in this pic
  11. And now my final profile pic. It's been this for over two years and I don't see myself changing it ever. Me and Jenna