I kinda like being late to the party on an amazing show. Then you're not sitting around like a dope waiting for new episodes....until you are
  1. Hell on Wheels - AMC gave me another hot bearded dude to stare at. Plus, I'm seriously contemplating a chin tattoo now...
  2. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - he is the cutest little rat faced bastard ever and I truly love funny yelling so this show is a no-brainer
  3. Broad City - two of my favorite moments are when Ilana bites the jawbreaker and her tooth pops out and when Abbi kicks the bathroom door open with her 5 inch heel and screams "I don't think so!!!"
  4. The Leftovers - sad, depressing, provocative, full of hot people
  5. Inside Amy Schumer - herpes scare bit is hands-down my favorite
  6. The Last Man on Earth - I wanted to hate it, but I didn't
  7. Bob's Burgers - Tina Belcher is a true feminist role model
  8. You're the Worst - FXX is kinda bringin it in the new shows department
  9. Felicity - watched it when it was on originally and wanted a blast from the past but it made me too emotional & depressed and I had to tap out before I finished season 4. Embarrassing
  10. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I'm on a two year cycle of rewatching the whole series. This was the year. Still my fave
  11. Parts Unknown - @Bourdain is one of my biggest cerebral crushes. Read all his stuff, love him truly and completely
  12. Olive Kitteridge - beautiful & sad & deserving of all awards & accolades
  13. The Fall - Gillian Anderson is ageless and such a top notch badass example of female power in this. Also, the serial killer is hot AF
  14. Master of None - Aziz is on my list baby
  15. The X-Files
  16. Jessica Jones
  17. Marco Polo
  18. Narcos - I know that it's wrong but I totally have a crush on Pablo Escobar in this. He's just so driven & it's very appealing
  19. The Honourable Woman - in the middle of it now, liking it very much