here is go....shhh don't tell anyone
  1. Degrassi Jr. High/next generation
    Way too old to be watching this but I can't stop. The issues are so real
  2. MTV real world/road rules challenge now just "The Challenge "
    Yes, it's still on and now some show called "Are you the One" has taken road rules place I guess...I watch and there's even a fantasy league now of it, and I all I hope for every episode is a CT sighting!
  3. Yo Gabba Gabba
    My kids are getting too old for this but I still try to force them to watch it. I love this show!
  4. Any 80s sit com
    Give me Different Strokes, Facts of Life, or Family Ties any day of the week.
  5. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta
    Can't explain it, just Love it!!!!
  6. The Chew
    This is the most ironic because I hate to cook and don't watch this often but when it's on I can't turn it off and for 5 seconds I think, I'll do that