1. It's Hilarious
    Watching 9 kids in the field all run to get the ball that's hit right in front of home plate
  2. There's always one parent that thinks their kid is going pro
    Newsflash, he's not
  3. All kids look the same with their hats/helmets on
    If it weren't for the number on the back, wouldn't know which is mine
  4. The coaches have patience of Saints
    This is like herding cats...seriously
  5. Kids like to fall down
    A lot, for no reason
  6. Good confidence building
    They think they won no matter wahat, and it's always a score like 24-2
  7. The MVP piece of gum is winning the lottery
    The kids who don't get that piece of gum at the end are seriously bummed
  8. There is always that one parent (or 3)...
    Screaming at their kid what to do during the game..it's T-ball , and let the coaches do their job. You can coach if you want to yell
  9. Some kids are forced to play
    I just feel bad for these kids
  10. Lots of nose picking
    At any given time there's someone always picking their nose