Alternatively, a lesson in why we should hold on to the best pieces of our past.
  1. I went through this box from my grandmother's house tonight, and inside I found:
    Spoiler alert :: there were no bunnies, medium or otherwise.
  2. A love letter written by my great great grandfather to his bride-to-be (my great great grandmother) during their year long engagement. Posted from Sicily in August, 1867.
    Bonus points to 2x great grandad - it's written entirely in verse. Even the newsy, not lovey bits!
  3. A program for a traveling theatre production for which GG grandpa was a musician.
  4. A handwritten account (recorded by my great great aunt) of her family's journey from England to Chile in the 1880s, and from Chile to Washington in the early 1900s.
  5. My great grandmother's Chilean birth certificate.
  6. This picture of great grandma dressed up for a school play.
    Side note :: costume budgets for school plays have DEFINITELY downsized over the years.
  7. Great grandma's high school diploma.
    Guys, I don't know where my high school diploma is and I graduated NINETY YEARS after my great grandmother.
  8. The certificate of marriage for great grandma and great grandpa.
  9. This awesome silhouette of great grandma.
    I'm totally getting this framed.
  10. This sheet music for a song about a fly.
    Your guess is as good as mine.
  11. This newspaper clipping reporting a traffic accident that great grandma caused.
    There's probably such a thing as saving too much.
  12. This poignant note from my grandma to her sister, on the outside of a still sealed envelope addressed to great grandma. Written right after great grandma passed away.
    I want to open the letter SO BADLY but I can't bring myself to do it. It feels disrespectful somehow.
  13. There were also dozens of other letters and documents - all snippets of family history that tell of adventures and laughter and tears and lives well lived. It makes me wonder what I'll leave behind in my box someday.
    Answer :: not my high school diploma. 😜