Inspired by @k8zinker
  1. Costa Rica
    My parents sent me to visit my uncle when I was 14. It rained every day at 2pm, and there were wild macaws that perched outside my window. I have never seen so many colorful birds in the wild anywhere else.
  2. Mexico
    My friend and I climbed to the top of the Temple of the Moon at Teotihuacán and told one another stories about what life must have been like there hundreds of years ago.
  3. Spain
    I first visited with a school group the summer after my sophomore year of high school. I had my first beer in a bar with my best friend and a boy who would, 10 years later, marry another of my closest friends. We ordered Guinness because it was the only beer we recognized. It took me a long time to drink another beer.
  4. Italy
    My roommate and another friend and I went to visit a monastery outside of Montalcino. We caught the last bus out, and as a result we had the abbey to ourselves. The monks invited us to explore the cloisters, so we stayed much longer than we should have. Then we hitchhiked back into town.
  5. France
    My brother and I spent three days in Paris and survived exclusively on street food. An embarrassing number of crêpes were consumed. Wade (17 at the time) got caught by security trying to smuggle rum into Versailles. Apparently the thought of one more day at a museum was pushing him over the edge.
  6. Switzerland
    I had fondue in the Vieille Ville of Geneva with a group of people from all over the world. Dinner lasted more than four hours, and conversation happened in multiple languages. It was one of the most unexpected and interesting evenings of my life.
  7. Great Britain
    My friends and I did a pub quiz in a tiny pub in Limehouse. We were the only Americans there, and the locals embraced us (thankfully, because it was standing room only). We came in 4th place, which we felt was more than awesome considering there was a whole section on 80s British pop culture that we just guessed at.