Requested by Isabel Ashe


As requested by @isabelashe - thanks for the list request! I hope you don't mind that I split it into two parts.. I couldn't do both seasons justice in one list.
  1. Spoiler alert! Do not click on this list unless you have watched ALL of season (series) one of Broadchurch.
  2. Seriously. You must make it through all 8 episodes.
  3. I do not want to be responsible for spoiling it for you.
  4. Alright - here we go!
  5. It's middle-of-the-night dark. A boy (Danny) looks out over the cliffs. Blood drips off his hand.
    It's literally the first scene of the entire show and we know that we are not going to be messing around here.
  6. Beth looks for Danny at school with mounting distress. The scene culminates when she leaves her car and runs for the beach.
    I think we can all relate (though hopefully not to this degree) to the feeling of growing dread that the thing you fear has come to pass. It's played out masterfully here.
  7. Beth finds the crime scene on the beach, and Ellie tries to head her off.
    There's so much emotion here and it's so genuine; if I didn't know better, I would think I was watching real life.
  8. Tom deletes all his texts and emails from Danny, while crying.
    What does he know????
  9. Hardy questions Mark in the backyard about his activities on the night of Danny's death.
    And Mark gives SKETCHY answers. What is he hiding?
  10. The hut is identified as the site of Danny's murder, and Mark's prints are found at the scene!
    Dun dun dun..
  11. Beth pulls Chloe into the bathroom after Mark is arrested and tells her that it's just the two of them vs the world, and they have to get this solved for Danny.
    "You have to be older than you are, because I don't know where this ends."
  12. Beth follows Mark and sees him with Becca.
    Just when she thought her life couldn't get any worse.
  13. Susan threatens Maggie with "I know men who would rape you."
    ?!‽!!!!? one of the creepiest moments in the show, in my opinion.
  14. Beth comes in and starts breaking everything in Becca's bar.
    Perfectly understandable. Very hard to watch though. Beth's raw emotion is painful.
  15. The Sea Brigade dads form a mob to go after Jack Marshall. Mark confronts Jack and Jack tells him his story.
    "No parent should outlive his child." Heartbreaking.
  16. Nige takes Susan's dog.
    Susan is crazy, but Nigel seems crazy too. We're so worried for the dog at this point!
  17. Paul comes across Tom breaking the computer.
  18. Ellie and Hardy chase the person who broke into the cottage. Hardy collapses.
    And legitimately seems like he's dying.
  19. Hardy sits in his office and reacts to the information contained on Tom's hard drive.
    "Oh shit.." are his precise words. You can tell he suspects someone close to Ellie at this point.
  20. Ellie and Hardy stand on the beach. Hardy starts telling Ellie stories from his childhood. He tells Ellie she's done good work in this case.
    Hardy never compliments anyone, ever. DOOOOOOM.
  21. Hardy follows Danny's cell phone signal into the Millers' home...
    And discovers Joe. Who is "tired of hiding."
  22. We see the murder.
  23. Hardy tells Ellie it was Joe.
    This is one of the most genuine bits of acting I've ever seen.
  24. Ellie attacks Joe in the interview room.
    I know this causes problems later, but GO ELLIE!!
  25. Mark confronts Joe in prison.
  26. Hardy tells the Latimers; Ellie tells Tom.
  27. Beth asks Ellie how she didn't know, echoing Ellie's earlier words to Susan.
  28. I know this list asked for most dramatic moments, but I feel like we have to mention how funny this show is. And also how BA Ellie is.
  29. For instance..
    "With all due respect, sir, move away from me now or I will piss in a cup and throw it at you."
  30. And..
    "Cameras down or I will kick you all in the balls!"
  31. Hardy is pretty funny too.. In a disgruntled way.
    He hates everything.
  32. All in all, it's an amazing show!