AKA a story about the pictures that show up when you google my real name
  1. Originally my Instagram handle was meghanjames, because it's cool to be able to use your actual name sometimes, right?
    Also, was I that early to the game on Instagram that I got to use my actual name? It seems unlikely, but perhaps I was.
  2. I used to post pictures like this..
    I was clearly a fan of the filters.
  3. And this.
  4. And this.
    Yes, there was a Grey's Anatomy party at one point. Feel free to judge.
  5. But then I started getting tagged in pictures like this.
    Edited so that you get the general idea but not the full picture. Because this is the List App, and we're classy like that.
  6. And this.
  7. And this.
  8. Now, this girl is obviously not me.. But I was getting regularly tagged in pictures of her.
  9. So what did I do? I googled.
    Feel free to do that if you want to see the things edited out above. Don't say I didn't warn you.
  10. Apparently there is a woman named Mehgan James who has more body confidence and fewer clothes than I do, and she gets her picture taken a lot.
  11. Even though our names are not exactly the same, it is a distinction lost on Google, as well as on several Instagram users.
    Letters are important, people!
  12. So rather than fight the constant untagging battle, I changed my Instagram handle to mhawkeyem.
    Hawkeyes is not for the Iowa Hawkeyes but instead for Hawkeye Pierce, in case you were wondering. I spent a good deal of time in high school channeling his smart mouth and clever insubordination.. Thus mhawkeyem was my first email address.
  13. Now my Instagram account is basically dead, but at least it's not filled with pictures that are not mine! And I have learned my lesson.. mhawkeyem forever!
    And I google myself at my own risk :P