Closely related to the reasons that I am going to gain 5 pounds this weekend.
  1. There are never fewer than eight types of cheese in my mom's fridge.
    Mom is a firm believer in the idea that everyone's favorite things must be in the house at all times. This results in a certain amount of excess. DELICIOUS excess.
  2. It's kind of like living inside Total Wine.
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    And that's just some of the wine. There's beer too, as well as bourbon, brandy and various dessert liquors. It's insane.
  3. The whole weekend revolves around eating.
    See item one. Mom generally plans a bunch of meals when everyone comes home and she makes sure to include all the favorites. It's pretty amazing, actually.
  4. My parents have cable.
    Don't get me wrong, I love me some Netflix. But there's something very pleasant about being able to watch the Food Network for 12 hours straight.
  5. My dad is the fireplace king.
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    My parents have a beautiful fireplace and there might be nothing that my dad loves better than building fires. He usually gets up early just so he can get the fire going before anyone else is out of bed.
  6. It's awesome to have the whole family together.
    There are only four of us, but we are scattered and us kids are busy.. So we're lucky to get together once a year. It makes what time we have all together especially precious. I'm so thankful for it!