And my favorite quote from each one.
  1. Henry VI, Part II (1590)
    "And seeing ignorance is the curse of God, knowledge the wing wherewith we fly to heaven." (Lord Say, Act IV, sc vii)
  2. Henry VI, Part III (1590)
    "O God! methinks, it were a happy life, to be no better than a homely swain; to sit upon a hill, as I do now, to carve out dials quaintly, point by point, thereby to see the minutes how they run: how many make the hour full complete, how many hours bring about the day, how many days will finish up the year, how many years a mortal man may live." (King Henry, Act II, sc v)
  3. Henry VI, Part I (1591)
    "Marriage is a matter of more worth than to be dealt in by attorneyship." (Suffolk, Act V, sc v)
  4. Richard III (1592)
    "True hope is swift, and flies with swallows' wings; Kings it makes gods, and meaner creatures kings." (Henry, Duke of Richmond, Act V, sc ii)
  5. Richard II (1595)
    "I wasted time, and now doth time waste me." (Richard, Act V, sc v)
  6. King John (1596)
    "There is no sure foundation set on blood; No certain life achieved by others' death." (John, Act IV, sc ii)
  7. Henry IV, Part I (1597)
    "The better part of valour is, discretion." (Falstaff, Act V, sc iv)
  8. Henry IV, Part II (1597)
    "Past, and to come, seem best; things present, worst." (Archbishop of York, Act I, sc iii)
  9. Henry V (1598)
    "There is some soul of goodness in things evil, would men observingly distil it out." (Henry, Act IV, sc i)
  10. Pericles (1608)
    "An arrow shot from a well-experienc’d archer hits the mark his eye doth level at." (Antiochus, Act I, sc i)
  11. Henry VIII (1612)
    "Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot that it do singe yourself." (Duke of Norfolk, Act I, sc i)