Inspired by @alligeeshow; and because my mom is truly delightful.
  1. My mom is beautiful.
  2. She was an actress and model in New York before moving to LA to try to make it in Hollywood.
    She didn't really make it. But she was in a movie where she got to make out with James Caan. (FYI it is never not weird to watch your mom aggressively kiss someone on film.)
  3. She is fearless and never afraid to be herself.
  4. She makes up words all the time. It's like her own special language. For instance, horses are called waxers. Why? Who knows?? It's a mystery.
  5. She also makes up songs. All the time.
    My personal favorite is the "vacuum cleaner monstie" song, which is usually sung to the dog.
  6. When my brother and I were young, my mom was always taking us on adventures. She would pack a cooler and throw us in the car and we would go and do or see or experience something together.
  7. My mom and I still go on adventures together.
    I'm pretty lucky, I know.
  8. I want to live life as fully and fearlessly as she has.
    I definitely have a ways to go.
  9. My mom gave me my (fuzzy, crazy) hair, my freckles and my sense of adventure.
  10. She also gave me my mad modeling skills, though she would never admit to it.
  11. Here's to you, Mom. I want to be like you when I grow up!