Remember when we were kids and we dreamed of being grown ups and just doing whatever we wanted all day long? FALSE.
  1. Go running.
    Full disclosure :: I pretty much hate running. But it has become increasingly apparent that it is necessary for various health related reasons. The only positive in it Is that it guarantees me 45+ minutes alone with an audiobook.
  2. Clean up/put away fall decorations and get out Christmas decorations.
    I know, I know.. I'm behind. Which is why it has to happen today.
  3. Go to the grocery store.
    This is a disaster. Saturday at the main grocery store in my community is roughly equivalent to the Black Friday videos you see on the news. Way too many people with shopping carts. Unfortunately, going to the grocery store is necessary today, because I have to..
  4. Bake 300ish cookies.
    For 20 of the volunteers who work with me. These guys are awesome and regularly give up their time to hang out with kids. They deserve all the things, but all I can afford is cookies.. And I'm happy to be able to do something. This is far and away the best thing on my list today. (Also, I will be eating cookie dough. WIN.)
  5. Conquer the laundry mountain.
    Enough said.
  6. Make half a dozen phone calls to contractors and delivery services.
    We are building a facility at work (I work for a church that currently meets in a school) and furnishing that facility is going to be the death of me. I thought I scheduled the delivery of some chairs on Thursday, but I just got a call from a completely different delivery service to schedule delivery of THE SAME CHAIRS. So what did I schedule earlier?? Who knows.
  7. Make butternut squash soup.
    Because the butternut squash is on the verge of going bad, and I hate waste.
  8. Deliver a toy dinosaur.
    A little boy left it at an event that I had last night. Apparently there was much tragedy at bedtime without the dinosaur, so I need to meet mom somewhere to return it.
  9. Empty my car at work.
    I have so much stuff in my car left over from the event last night. It looks like a hoarder Iives there.
  10. So what am I doing right now?
    Browsing the list app and eating cheese and crackers. There are some perks to being a grown up, after all. 😁 happy Saturday, everyone!