All caps titles make me happy.
  1. The Raven King
    I got together with @jessicah and @sherrivf to discuss The Raven King (which we all blitzed through last week). We ate pizza and totally geeked out over the awesomeness that is this book. A truly satisfying end to a brilliant series!
  2. Babies
    Two friends had baby boys, one after a long struggle with infertility and miscarriage. Such a reason to celebrate! Also, this baby is already an expert at giving me the side eye.
  3. Maisie Dobbs
    I just got the newest book on audio from the library. Dropping back into Maisie's world always feels like visiting an old friend.
  4. Kids
    Jess and I took some fourth and fifth graders across town for a play date with some refugee kids. It was amazing to see all the kids happily play soccer and make friendship bracelets and give piggyback rides without any pause or awkwardness. Kids are so much better at life sometimes than grown ups are.
  5. The West Wing Weekly
    And our Voxer group devoted to it. Today we have discussed Stockard Channing's cleavage and Bradley Whitford's hair at length. It makes me so happy to have people to discuss this show with!
  6. Trader Joe's
    Because sometimes you need all the cheese. And carbs. And flowers.