Because, as @ChrisK suggests, homemade is awesome. Also because Pinterest is a dangerous place for unskilled people like me.
  1. Ok. I've got all the supplies. I've got plenty of time. There are step by step instructions. This is going to be easy.
  2. This project is quirky and fun, and it seems totally doable! My gift receiver is going to love this!
  3. I am a crafting goddess.
  4. Hmm. I have gotten glue everywhere. How do I keep the project from gluing itself to the counter?
  5. I wonder if I can unwrinkle this bit. Oh no, that made it worse. Abort! Abort!
  6. Ok, well.. A few little wrinkles won't matter. Imperfections equal beauty, right? Isn't there a quote about that somewhere?
  7. Ok, what's next?
  8. Oh yes! I get to use the exacto-knife now! I love exacto-knives.
  9. Hmm. There are a lot of layers here. Some how I imagined getting through more than one or two at a time.
  10. What‽ The exacto-knife blade just snapped in half! How did that happen‽ I'm just cutting paper! Is everything I know about the universe a lie? Does 📝really take out ✂️?
  11. Whatever. I'm going to go get the tweezers.
  12. Tweezers to the rescue!
  13. Ok. Time for more glue. I've got this.
  14. Hmm. I think I skipped a step. Let's see.
  15. Alright, we're going off book here. Time to wing it! You've got this.
  16. Maybe I don't "got" this.
  17. Ok! Ok! This is good. Different, but totally workable. And it fixed the wrinkles!
  18. Yay! It actually looks nice! I think I can give this to her without shame!
  19. I'm glad she'll never see the tutorial I was ostensibly following though.
  20. Unless she wrote the tutorial. 😳
  21. To my secret Santa gift receiver :: thanks for the opportunity to try something new! Your gift may not be perfect, but I hope you enjoy it regardless! (Also, if you wrote the tutorial, sorry for not following directions. It's never been my strong suit 😜)